História da Ricefer

Ricefer History

Historia de Ricefer

A Ricefer é uma empresa de soluções para processos industriais nos setores alimentício, cosmético, químico, bioquímico e bebidas em geral. Seu trabalho é realizado com total envolvimento de seus clientes e fornecedores, onde fornece processos seguros e inovadores. São mais de 150 funcionários que acreditam na responsabilidade de fornecer equipamentos que reflitam nossa missão e visão.

Ricefer is a solutions company for industrial processes in the food, cosmetic, chemical, biochemical and beverage sectors in general. Its work is carried out with the full involvement of its customers and suppliers, where it provides safe and innovative processes. There are more than 150 employees who believe in the responsibility of providing equipment that reflects our mission and vision.

Ricefer es una empresa de soluciones para procesos industriales en los sectores alimentario, cosmético, químico, bioquímico y bebidas en general. Su trabajo se realiza con la plena participación de sus clientes y proveedores, donde proporciona procesos seguros e innovadores. Son más de 150 empleados que creen en la responsabilidad de proporcionar equipos que reflejen nuestra misión y visión.


Ricefer is born, a company focused on the manufacture of tanks for Wineries.


Acquisition of a new space for the construction of the company, where it is located until today.


Construction of the new factory.


First turn key project for Wineries.


Start of the expansion and construction of the new office.


Reactor projects with own engineering.


Supply of electrostatic precipitator.


Acquisition of new equipment. Automated welding and cranes.


First patented design.


Start of the supply to bioethanol companies.


2 new pavilions - increase of 15% in productivity.

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